PROSPECT terms of usage

1. The presented here WEB based game application is called further in text PROSPECT;
2. All rights to the created graphic images, animations and special effects in PROSPECT are the property of Opportunity and Protection Association;
3. ITES Ltd grants the rights to use the source code of PROSPECT from the Opportunity and Protection Association for indefinite use and without commercial purposes for the purposes and sustainability of the project under which PROSPECT has been implemented;
4. The Opportunity and Protection Association may not grant or assign rights to PROSPECT source code or parts thereof to third parties;
5. No part of the source code may be used, copied, borrowed or applied by third parties;
6. A third party may present the implementation of PROSPECT after the explicit reference to the audience (electronic or physical) of the developer and the Opportunity and Protection Association;
7. The PROSPECT is not restricted to user use only for non-commercial purposes.

All rights reserved ® ITES Ltd 2021
All rights reserved ® Opportunity and Protection Association 2021