The voice of children

A youth group of 20 volunteers aged 15-19 works for Opportunity and Protection Association. The group includes students from different schools in Haskovo, Svilengrad and Lyubimets. What unites them is the idea of devoting part of their free time to activities that are useful for others – initiatives to reduce aggression and improve communication; peer training to make decisions on issues that affect them.

Youth projects and initiatives

“Get the dream job”
The aim of the project was to increase the motivation of the young people for personal development; to learn to exercise their right to employment; to make decisions on issues affecting their career realization and to acquire competencies for successful performance on the labour market.

“Let the good start from you! – youth initiatives for prevention of violence”
The project offers a non-traditional approach for prevention of risk behaviour and promotion of non-violence in relations between young people through initiatives designed for young people, but also implemented by them.

“The voice of children against violence”
Through the implementation of the project we tried to unite young people for a good cause and at the same time to give them the opportunity to participate with their ideas for solving problems, affecting them.

“Youth against addictions”
The project contributed to creating preconditions for overcoming the public apathy towards youth addictions, by drawing the attention of parents and the community to the problem through the implementation of initiatives in which the young people were active participants.