TRAININGS FOR PROFESSIONALS – teachers, school advisors, medical personnel, police officers, social workers /and others working with children/:

Trainings for applying the programmes for children:

  • Programme “Child Police Academy
  • Programme “I am a scout”
  • Programme “Sweet-wording”
  • Programme “Strong without violence for kids”
  • Programme “Strong without violence”
  • Programme “Knowledge of life, health and gender”
  • Programme “Me, my family and my school”
  • TESYA Programme
  • Programme “Stop Trafficking”
  • Programme “Equal in love”
  • Programme “Successful on the labor market”
  • Programme for prevention of early marriages
  • Programme „Social and emotional skills”
  • Recognizing and reporting violence

    School policies for prevention of violence against children

    Bullying at school – prevention, assessment, registration and coping

    The family group conference – an effective model for supporting families

    Constructive conflict resolution in school environment

    Coping with stress and “emotional burnout”


    Expert support in the development and implementation of school projects and initiatives for prevention of violence against children

    Supervision / individual and group / for specialists working with children