In focus

PROJECT “PROmote reSPECt and Tolerance – PROSPECT”


  • To educate and raise awareness of 1500 young people, aged 13-18, directed to changing their attitudes and behaviour towards the GBV, resp. ADV;
  • To strengthen multi-agency cooperation through training 225 stakeholders and relevant professionals with regard to address issues related to GBV;
  • To assess how activities and the use of deliverables have led to attitudinal and behavioural changes towards the GBV through involvement of 1000 young people in the project evaluation process;
  • To increase the EU practice of applying child participation to prevent ADV.
  • Partners

  • Opportunity and Protection Association, Bulgaria
  • Fundacio Privada Pere Closa, Spain
  • Cell for Alternative Youth Activities (KEAN), Greece
  • Rosto Solidario, Portugal
  • Usma Caselle, Italy
  • European Roma Information Office (ERIO), Belgium
  • Project website:

    Funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020