Title of project
“Gender is Primary: approaching to conflict resolution from a gender perspective”

Co-ordinating region
Consejeria de Presidencia de la Comunidad Autonoma de la Region de Murcia – Direccion General de Prevencion de la Violencia de Genero, Juventud, Proteccion Juridica y Reforma de Menores, Spain
Consejeria de Educacion, Formacion y Empleo de la Comunidad Autonoma de la Region de Murcia – Direccion General de Recursos Humanos y Calidad Educativa, Spain
CEIP Ntra. Sra. del Paso, Spain
Asociacion contra la Violencia Domestica de la Region de Murcia (AVIDA), Spain

Partner region
Regional Inspectorate of Education – Haskovo, Bulgaria
High School “St.Paissiy Hilendarsky”, Haskovo, Bulgaria
Opportunity and Protection Assocciation, Haskovo, Bulgaria


  • Linking up and fostering cooperation between teachers, students and managers from both regions.
  • Improving learning methods and methodological approaches by sharing best practices.
  • Involving all the agents involved in educational context to prevent gender-based violence.
  • Fostering the knowledge and making both students and teacher realise the added value of European cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • Impact

  • Pupils: they will increase their concerns in gender equalitiy and they will gain skills to tackle conflict resolution in a more effective way, considering the gender approach. Also, they will increase their knowledge in other European cultures and they will realise how their personal self-development and experiences are enriched by European diversity.
  • Teachers and staff in school administration: they will gain more knowledge in issues such as solving conflicts from a gender approach and preventing gender-based violence. At the same time, they will know how to implement educational programmes related to the issues covered by the project, according to new strategies supported by European Institutions and most of National Governments within the EU that strongly recommend to prevent violence in early educational stages.
  • NGOs: will have the opportunity of share experiences with European colleagues and to work together with other organisations that do not belong to the Third Sectors, in order to develop efficient strategies to preven gender-based violence.
  • Educational authorities: managers from governments’ educational departments will have the chance of exchanging experiences and sharing their background in order to improve the way in which gender equality, gender-based violence prevention and conflict resolution are included in educational curricula.
  • Duration: August 2012 – July 2014

    Budget: 91210 Euro

    Funded by
    European Commission – Lifelong Learning Programme